Google: Friend or Foe of Auto Dealers

Chuck Barker

We all know that Google is the dominant search engine on the Internet with over 66% of the market. Consumers look to Google for a myriad of reasons and Google with its voracious growth appetite continues to expand into various markets and businesses.

Marketers in the auto space seem to inundate us with posts about the latest Google gadgets, process, network, tips, tricks, and inside secrets to give dealers an edge in the all omnipotent Google-sphere.

Well, after doing some research and looking at the big picture I have to ask the question, “Are these experts we’ve been listening to looking to help auto dealers for the long term or looking to make a quick buck based on a dealer’s social media naiveté?”

I’ve just completed a detailed report that takes a close look at Google’s business practices and shows the vulnerabilities of dealers who choose to use the Google services and platform to boost their business. As we have seen recently, Google has been removing dealer’s reviews while pushing their other revenue generating services to auto dealers. Is it possible that Google is using the Trojan Horse strategy to lure in dealers before they “strike?”

If you want to see what could possibly happen to our industry, I invite you to download my report and review the facts about Google’s business strategy and the potential avenues for them to enter the auto business in a big way.

renee girls
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Mike Martin
Of course Google is a great tool for dealerships - if you know what you're doing! Google cares more about good, relevant content these days than spammy marketing techniques. Keep the writing simple, help the bots move between pages with clean internal links and subtly incorporate relevant keywords and you should be golden. A great example of a company's home page that does this well:

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