Google Reviews - HELP

Victoria Dillabough

Okay out of all of the "Review" sites, we find we have the most trouble with Google... mainly because ANYONE can leave you a review, completely uncontrolled, so if one person has a bad service experience and gets 10 of their friends to go on to your Google page, you can't rectify that... does anyone have any tricks of the trade for coming back from bad google reviews?! Once you get a couple of 1 stars you need COUNTLESS 5 stars to raise you ratings... Any review incentives, or things that have worked to promote getting a ton of positive ones? 

Carl Maeda

Hi Victoria,  

The first thing you want to try is to get those reviews removed.  You can do this first by seeing if the review violates Google's list of bad content.  If so, the review will typically come down within a few days.  You can find the list here:

If the review doesn't talk about what was bought, you can also flag the review and it will usually come down.

You can also dispute the review if you think its' fake.  Look at the name, date and what they purchased.  Try flaggin the fake review.  Sometimes it will come down but if it doesn't and you can prove the review is fake, you can submit a legal removal request here:

One of the most important steps is not to wait too long to get this done. 

I also recommend responding to the bad review because even though the review may get taken down, people will see the bad review and you need to tell your side of the story.

I hope this helps!


Derrick Woolfson

We have been there, and it is not fun! Luckily, with our review tool, we can specifically target customers with a Gmail account in which case it helps push through positive reviews. One thing I have also seen, but am not sure how I feel about it is if we are able to confirm that the customer has not otherwise done business with us at the dealership - offering a statement of "We would love the opportunity to do business with you, and are truly sorry you feel that way without giving us a chance to work with you as one of our customers. Please give us a call as we would like the opportunity to address your concerns, giving us the opportunity to earn your business." I am not sure if the tone/idea is the best, but nonetheless, I thought it was different.  

Bart Wilson

Thanks for the links, Carl.  With Google putting more and more emphasis on reviews, reputation needs to be watched now more than ever.

Ben Cheema

We have tried google review spiffs - how to get more to eliminate the bad ones !

Victoria Dillabough

@Carl - this is great information - do you find that the reviews are easy to remove? That is something that DealerRater is GREAT about, but I haven't had much experience trying to remove Google, to be honest simply due to lack of knowledge. 

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