grand opening of new store

Mark Rask

I am looking for some ideas for a grand opening at a new hyundai store 

Chris Olson

Get Social.  Create some cool exciting content beyond the brand.  Highlight what's going to be different about this store from any other.  Then Own It.  Video content is huge to send a message of how you're unique, and why customers should spend their time in your dealership.  More importantly why they should want to.

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

You could create a quick landing page and do an event/contest around it?


Of course, you could spruce it up to your colors and showcase your new store. Create a special offer around the vehicles you sell and put a REAL end date to increase urgency.

It's mobile/desktop friendly, you can set up auto-responders, add video, upload to your CRM, etc...

FYI This landing page is part of our dealership landing page bundle. We don't charge for it by the way. 

Good luck!

Peter Ciani

How about a plain and simple open house / grand opening party. Invite past / present customers and local residents to come in and tour the new building. Have the service people give tours of your new garage and shiny new equipment (before it gets dirty). Encourage people to share photos and videos on their social media. Probably too early, but it would be nice if you could have a new Palisade on hand to show off, new building-new SUV. 

Maybe have a dessert table in the showroom, or park a couple food trucks out front, people do like free food. 

Noah oscar

It's an online store? if not then create a page and introduce discount deals and other promo codes that enhance your business, like Car Rental 8 Coupon, you can go there site and easily see that how they attract their customer through discount deals and codes to enhance their business. 

Patrick Halleen

I did a grand opening at a new point a year and a half ago. I suggest FREE stuff. People love free stuff. Get the radio station there and the people will come. One of the Hooks we did was a used car auction with cars starting at $1. Now these were $300 wholesale junkers but holy cow did it bring a ton of people out. 

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