grand opening of new store

Mark Rask

I am looking for some ideas for a grand opening at a new hyundai store 

John Goll

I agree with the grand opening event social pages. Believe it or not Instagram gets tons of views and is a great way to supplement any Facebook pages/events you do. Create a separate Facebook Page for your Grand Opening Event and flood it with pics/videos and the "what's new" topics! Have a local Radio DJ come out and give you some live "hype" for the event. 

Susan Mayhue

As a salesperson, I will be canvasing the nearby businesses before the grand opening to promote myself and store/grand opening

Mallory Hughes

Giveaways and Contests on social are great! Just make sure to get the participants engaged i.e. Tag 3 friends to enter! or you must "share" this post to be entered to win! Also be sure to mention that the contest is not affiliated with the social media site you are posting on to avoid backlash from them. Message me if you need some more ideas & Good Luck!!!

Bart Wilson

Congrats on the new store, Mark!

Mark Rask

thanks for the input 

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