Handling Difficult Situations

Lauren Moses
How does your dealership handle difficult situations? For instance; a customer with children that are disruptive, playing in vehicles, running around, screaming and crying, etc. Or a customer talking to loud on their phones in the lobby/waiting area. Any type of situation that can cause not only employees but other customers to get irritated. Do you have a system in place for just any employee to handle it? Does your staff let management know and then let them handle it?
Jesse Peterson
Not much you can do unless they are really going overboard. Kids playing around vehicles makes me cringe but I just suck it up 99.9% of the time. Customers usually understand that it is the customer and not you who is being irritating
Lauren Moses
This honestly happened in our showroom just the other day. We have a popcorn machine that we usually keep popcorn going in. However for whatever reason, we didn't have any made when this family was in. It was a good thing because they were playing in the $54,000 playpen on the showroom. Tennis shoes on the leather seats, crawling over the console to get to the front seat, etc. Then they started asking for popcorn. Thankfully one of our older salesman came in and asked if they wanted him to turn them on a movie in the lounge and then we would make them some popcorn. They gladly went and problem was solved. At what point do you draw the line? Especially when the situation can cause injury and put your dealership at risk?
Jesse Peterson
Well, frankly unless your description of the story doesn't do it justice, a lot farther than that. Its just a cost of doing business. You have to deal with kids. If they are damaging things, I'd say at that point you need to say something, but even then be sensitive. At the point of causing or potential to cause injury, you can be a little more assertive
Sheri Hudspeth
We get this a lot, kids and babies are time bombs to car deals. The worse they get the less time you have. We have a basket full of toys that the children can pick out of to keep... mostly stuff from the dollar store but the parents and the kids are happy they get something too. Our sales offices are glass sometimes we give them dry erase markers and while the parents are in the booth the kids can draw on the glass, it sprays off as soon as they are done and it keeps them occupied. We also have a kids play area, wifi area and TV area all of which the kids can sit in safely and be entertained within eye sight of the parents.
Lauren Moses
I am the only one here with young kids (besides the newest addition to our dealership family and she's just a few months old). So I don't think everyone else quite understands the hassle it can be to bring children in, be it for service or to purchase. Not everyone has someone to watch their kids for them to get things like that done. As a mother, I bring any and all happy meal toys, etc. that I can and put them in my desk. I also keep a stock pile of big balloons and will blow them up and give the child a marker to draw on the balloon. I also keep crayons and color books. But we have nothing in our lounge area for children besides the tv. It's something I've asked about and tried to push us getting something, but haven't had any luck just yet.

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