Happy and healthy

Dustin Lyons
So here is maybe a fun light topic for a friday afternoon. I know that the car business can sometimes lead to some unhealthy habits. There can be a lot of smoking, drinking, fast food, and long stretches without eating. Being at the dealership for long hours can also take away time from family, recreation, and exercise. So I am curious if any of the dealerships out there have any programs or benefits to help encourage a healthy lifestyle. I know that many dealerships have cafes etc... But do any provide a gym or workout room for employees? Are there any healthy meal programs at your store?
Lauren Moses
We don't have anything as we are a single dealership. Our owner is very health conscious so if you say that you are going to the gym then he tends to not mind.
Ron Henson
I have visited dealerships that have a gym onsite. When I was running a store I would occasionally bring in a masseuse for my team. They loved it!
Jillian Marchewka
Our sales guys have done a few "Biggest Loser" challenges, but nothing has been too implemented as far as healthy living programs. I can't even get our owner to change to a better coffee offering in the customer lounge, let start a health initiative and open an onsite gym. Haha. I think it is an awesome idea, especially if it can be implemented with your HR team to somehow get lower insurance premiums, plus I think it would make a bunch of employees feel better too!
Elise Kephart
My old Honda store donated a car for a raffle to the local big family owned gym, and in luie they got 50 passes of year long memberships for the employees. The raffle was held at Sunset Honda, which brought a show room full of people wanting to win. While there was only one winner, there were 10 people who leased a Civic for $99 a month-they didn't know it was so cheap! It was just a little more a month then their gym membership :)
Elise Kephart
Also, just about every day there was a lunch runner. You picked what you wanted off the daily menu for the place they were going and got lunch brought to you. Sometimes it sat there all afternoon before you could eat it...but was nice to not have to leave.

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