Has the Internet made all dealers "One Price dealers?"

Stan Sher
Sometimes I wonder if dealers need to become "One Price dealers". It is challenging in various markets. However, I think if that became the model then consumers might start to focus on going to the dealer with the best service or reputation which might put some dealers out of the market and force them to close.
Brian Miller
I remember selling Oldsmobile when the adopted the Saturn one price model....remember Oldsmobile? I remember in a sale meeting being told that GMBuypower was going to be a one price solutions....GM still owns the domain name but that’s about it. In both cases the efforts failed because the public still wanted to negotiate. And as for used vehicles...they are like houses, no two are the same. The last time I checked realtors aren’t planning on going “one price” any time soon. In this industry, we tell ourselves that it would be easier if the one price model worked but we all know nothing in this biz in easy. As for me, I negotiate on everything! Ask my banker, my insurance agent...even my doctor! That “You don’t know if you don’t ask” mind-set is as American as apple pie.
Ron Henson
Great points Brian. I ran a One Price store for years and in the beginning it provided a distinct marketing advantage that lasted for several years. Eventually technology and competition caught up and the advantage evaporated.

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