Have salesperson schedules gotten any better?

Big Tom LaPointe
A friend is contemplating going into car sales. I know the schedules locally typically aren't family-friendly, especially with the classic early/late/early routine. Are there dealers who have gotten more creative with it?
Lauren Moses
I don't know if they have changed or not since I'm still so new. However I can say that some days for me a tough but I have two kids under 6. I have heard of quite a few dealership that have sales staff that work mainly with referrals and repeats and pretty much set their own hours so long as they keep producing. Not sure how well that works out though.
Big Tom LaPointe
It is rare that a salesperson can get to the 'repeat / referral' stage, but I have done it, and seen it. Turn yourself into a telemarketing pro. Call and alternate emails every few months (when legal), and ASK FOR REFERRALS - 90% of sales people never will.
Lauren Moses
I don't know Tom. I have been hearing about lots of sales people that ONLY work off repeats and referrals. I think a lot of it comes down to not necessarily "telemarketing" as just a "marketing" pro. The ones that I know of have tons of self promotion items, pens, magnets, stickers, hats, notepads, etc. that they started doing out of their own pockets. They push the referrals really hard and it pays off. They go out prospecting, leaving business and referral cards around their towns at businesses. If they meet someone new they give them a card, etc. It's all about thinking outside the box and promoting yourself to get to those repeat and referrals.
Tom Banner
The Hours are why I quit the business side , retired, and now represent buyers.
Chris Pyle
@ Big Tom, some places have more progressive schedules than years ago, but from everything I've seen, there's no substitute for efforts/time invested If you want to make some real money. Forget about the schedule or much time off for at least 12-18 months and just get in front of people until everyone in your universe knows you're THE go to guy for anything and everything automotive. Basically the first few weeks/months are just as painful as ever...

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