Have you sold a vehicle on Twitter?

Ron Henson
Do you have a social media response strategy? How would you respond to this actual tweet? .@toyotabountiful @LHMToyotaMurray @malonetoyotaUT @mmtoyota Can I lease an AWD RAV4 XLE WITH $0 down and 15k per year for under $300 total? By the way, one dealership was outstanding! And, I bought the car.
Lauren Moses
@RHenson #here'syournewkeys #justsignthedottedline so I don't know if the price is right however. I could think of a few good ways to respond.
Ron Henson
As you might expect, the biggest faux pas by most of the dealers in this exercise was not responding at all. Can you imagine someone walking in the front door of the dealership and just standing there without being helped? Eventually they would turn around and walk out.
Shawn Ryder
Great timing on the question Ron - met with dealer yesterday and they were against any social media at this point. Their reasoning was that it has to be monitored to have quick responses - which does make sense and not prepared to do that yet (but of course getting instant notification on a phone isn't that difficult). Is it best to have no presence at all or have a presence but not monitor and hope the random salesperson sees the post a couple days later?
Bill Simmons
I have sold several Ron :) And also get a lot of business for our service department each month. The big difference in my approach to Twitter, is I am not tweeting as the dealership. My local followers know that I am a car dealer, so the requests for info on cars and service come to me. I'm not on Twitter prospecting. It does not surprise me that you did not get a response from a couple of the dealerships. I see many dormant car dealer Twitter accounts that were started by someone who is no longer at the dealership.
Lauren Moses
Shawn, I would have to say no presence over little monitored presence. What would be the point of having one if you aren't going to utilize it. Not to mention for those that have it and don't use it, what happens when you do have someone contact you and you don't pay attention, the customer in turn tells everyone they know how they tried but got no response (just like Ron did). It sets a bad precedence for the rest of the dealership as a whole if they can't do something as simple as watch a facebook and twitter account for customers contacting them.

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