Have you used Pandora or similar (internet radio) to advertise?

Josh Phelon
I will listen to sports talk radio on my commute to work and occasionally hear car ads. However, on my drive home I unplug to Pandora and I noticed that I have been receiving car dealer ads more often. This was probably a result from my cookies stored on my smartphone but I did tune in more than I would on traditional am/fm radio. I'm curious if you have used internet radio advertising and what level of success was achieved?
Lauren Moses
Josh, Great question. I know we have spoke about this before on the forums I just can't find the thread to direct you to it. But anyways, I looked into it for our dealership. The run on several different plans. You can do just the pop up ads at the bottom of the screen whenever someone interacts with the screen (i.e. Clicking the thumbs up or down). It is a pay per click deal. At least it was when I looked into it several months ago. You can also do the full blown ads that come on every 3rd or 4th song of the people that have the free version of Pandora. We have another local dealer that has been running them for the past couple of months, but Pandora is all I listen to. As for their success I can't speak for that because I don't know. But I can say that I watch their dealership and a few others pretty close and I'm not seeing a huge change in inventory since they started using it.
Shaun Weissman
Josh we used Pandora to advertise for about 3 months. At the end of the 3 months we asked for the reporting and found a ton of discrepancies. We could not match their data with either our Google Analytics or Cobalt reporting. Because of that we felt that we could not justify to continue to spend on their media not knowing what we would actually receive in deliverable's. Hope this helps.
Lauren Moses
Shaun, I have to agree. Even though we never actually signed up, the cost for even the basic package was going to run around $1500 a month if I remember correctly. I also couldn't get them to send me numbers on other dealerships our size in our size community or even close to it so that we could compare and see if it would be a good fit for us. "They just kept saying that it will help your numbers, It will boost your sales."
Shaun Weissman
Yes Lauren they were not very forthcoming in their data or ability to tell us anything. It was a hard sales approach and than when we had the numbers discrepancies we decided that was the end of that.
Lauren Moses
Glad to know that I wasn't the only one. I guess just coming into the industry I look at things from a different perspective. But you can't compare a 10 dealership group to a single owner dealership with an average inventory of less than 70. The numbers will never add up. I have gotten where I really don't give vendors that think like that the time of day. Too much else to do.

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