Having The BDC Open Past Business Hours

John Sevier
Hello Everyone, The more and more I look at when we are receiving high traffic on our website and when we receive leads in, it seems to be after we close. Our dealership stays open until 8:00pm but I'm thinking it might be beneficial for our BDC to stay open until 10:00pm. Has anyone else experimented with this yet, or have an opinion on it? Some of the issues I can run into is not having a New / Used car manager available, and hurting the morale of the department by telling them we need to increase their hours. I have 3 Internet Managers that work on our leads and they all already work over 40 hours every week. Thank you for your help!
Lauren Moses
John, I can't say that I have tried it so that I know from experience if it works or not. But from a workers stand point, I would not by any means be working that much. Take into account your employees lives, ex: are they married, do they have kids, are they involved in the community? I am a working mother and wife and work from 8-6 every day and one Saturday a month. I run our entire internet department and keep the website up to date, along with back up F&I, and internet sales. I would by no means work any more hours than I already am. I was working every Saturday BUT 1, but had to cut down to 1 a month because of my family. If need be hire "evening shift" BDC workers and let your current BDC leave around 6 and have the "evening shift" from 6-10. They could be counted as part-time. Personally I believe that some people wait until after hours to do their sending so that they don't have to worry about people trying to call and bug the death out of them. Even though they sent the lead in to begin with. I can see how not having a manager on the premises could be an issue. Do you have a BDC personnel that you could bump up to Supervisor that would be willing to work the evening shift if y'all were to do something like that?
John Sevier
Lauren, Thank you for your reply and perspective. My thoughts were very close to your regarding staggering shifts. I do think a little differently though when it comes to leads submitted at night. I have worked late some nights to get caught up on some work and I've noticed that if a lead came in and I called it right away (like everyone should) the customers were very responsive and surprised I was working late to help them. Granted I only have a small sample size but I see a lot of positive from it.
Lauren Moses
Glad to hear that you have a good response from the late night responses. We really don't have enough for me to even say what it would be like if we did answer them. They are few and far between for us (and I'm not complaining!).
Dennis Wagner
Hello John, I have studied this myself over the past several months and I agree with Lauren concerning the customers waiting until after hours to do their research. I think they possibly submit the lead thinking they will have the night to sleep on it, but as you said, if they are contacted right away the customer is responsive. With that being said, I would consider outsourcing your after hours BDC or possibly signing with a 24 hour per day chat company before extending your hours. There are some very good ones out there and you will probably have a hard time getting a sales manager/used car manager and a finance manager to stay there that late in case you do sell a car. Best of luck!
mark rask
We have tried working later......we found that we got to a point where it was just to late to call people

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