Helium vs Training

Christopher Murray

While I was at the NADA convention at the beginning of April I overheard a dealer having a discussion with several of his managers over lunch and he stated that the average dealer spends more money on helium for balloons than he spends on training!

I was fascinated by what he said. In truth does your dealership spend more on helium than training?



Boy that's sure a frightening thought! I mean balloons are neat, but …. Well, I’m just speechless. Ironically this post hits home with me especially today-  I received a call earlier this morning form a regional manager who was looking for a BDC director (to train his sales people, not BDC, mind you - because apparently their owner is "anti BDC" according to him)...ironically “BDC Director/Trainer - was the title of the posting I replied to...included in the posting: "seeking someone with the ability to train and develop staff in all areas of operations”. Here's what the regional manager said to me: "our owner is anti BDC and against training so our focus needs to be on more leads not training". Needless to say I politely ended the conversation. When are we as an industry going to learn that training outweighs even our leads. How many years have we re-negotiated vendors and advertising alliances quarterly, not ever investing 1% of our efforts and spend in training all the while blaming our advertisers for not selling more cars.  

mark rask

training is the key....as long as everyone buys in

Christopher Murray

Buy in. Thats interesting. I know it can never be force-fed that's for sure!

mark rask

chris you are right,,,,cant be forced


Jonathan Dawson

Training is the one area where a dealer demands complete "Buy in". 

Suppose we did the same with the following:

  • The color of the tile floors
  • The comfort of the chairs at their desks
  • The brand of coffee served in the lounge
  • The music played over the intercom
  • The CRM used
  • The key tracking process
  • The style of desking from the management
  • The payplan
  • The types of advertising the dealer does
  • The hours
  • The used car inventory mix
  • etc
  • etc

When it comes to training, dealers have convinced themselves that if there is not 100% buy-in, then they should wait until they find a program that everyone will agree on. But why? Where does this idea come from? And why is training the exception?

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