Hero to 0. First of the Month.

Sheri Hudspeth
You just crushed your targets, pushed till well after close on a Sunday to get them, Salespeople made their bonus and now today all the blood, sweat and tears are gone and we are back to where we started. 0. Does anyone do something special like fast start bonus, spiffs or anything to help salespeople to avoid first week hangovers?
Clint Jones
We pay commission weekly, and pay it up to the moment that we fire off payroll. If a vehicle gets sold 2 hours before payroll, the salesperson gets paid on it. We don't hold a week in reserve, and we don't hold non funded deals. So often, it seems that the store looks for reasons to NOT pay the commission rather than reasons to help their sales force reach their goals. It can be "Sales VS Accounting" in other cases. The way I look at it, if a deal falls through and we already paid on it...so what. We wash it out next week.
Denim Simkins
@Sheri this happens across the entire dealership. In service everyone starts over as well and they do look at that proverbial boulder at the bottom of the hill on the 1st of every month and seem to ease into the month. Fortunately in service we have the customer traffic coming in regardless the day of the month so traffic generation is not a big push. With that in consideration we will do fast start on commodities that we sell in service. For instance, goal for the entire month is to sell 40 tires and they would receive a spiff of $5 per tire. If they sell 50% of those in the first 10 days the incentive will double. I realize that you were looking for sales info but I wanted to point out that it is as important for Fixed Operations to start out strong as well and they also face the Hero to Zero hangover as well...
Clint Jones
@ Denim I like your fast start spiff. Great idea
bryan butcher
You really have to push the fact that this is not a month by month business but a day by day business. The month will take care of itself. Everyday needs to have the same energy and persistence.

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