Hiring Managers: What would you do if someone showed you their W2 during an interview?

Craig Waikem
Or how about if the employer requests it to validate their current income?
Eric Miltsch
@Craig - that's another interesting situation. My inspiration for asking the question was a thread I stumbled across on Facebook. Someone made a reference about simply showing your W2 to "prove your talent" & "put your money where your mouth is." Besides being extremely tacky, the W2 alone says nothing about one's leadership ability, the improvements they may have contributed in their last position and simply their ability to work within the team.
Hey Eric, I have never asked for W-2 on interview I've ever done...I have had a few times when the prospective sales manager wanted to show me his YTD or the previous years years W-2 to gauge what type of play plan or guarantee that person was angling for but I already know what our pay plan I was going to offer if this prospect was chosen so I usually won't cave into a person that is doing that anyway. Also when I hire people I always look for talent with a huge potential upswing with certain individuals. Very rarely can you hire away a 20 car a month person from another dealership. What a person made has zero relevance if that person can do the job at hand. Just my two cents worth on what started to be another rant that I posted on Facebook but that's a whole different beast!!
Eric Miltsch
Thanks - That's my point CJ, people don't ask for them. And if someone is actually asking for the W2 I think you're asking the wrong questions in the interview.
Joseph Ruth
You see ads everyday were an employer will ask for your earnings history.. If you made a lot the first thing in their mind is..we can't afford this potential candidate and they will look right past you and if it's low, they think you are no good. I truly believe your income is proof of your ability to get the job done right. In the car business we are always paid on a percent. In ending, keep the W'2 at home along with your paycheck stubs. You are not applying for a loan!! Thanks and I'd like to hear some comments on that and what you have experienced in your past.
Stan Sher
FYI I made the comment about the W2 and "putting your money where your mouth is". I am sorry I am from the northeast and we have dealers here that will not interview you without showing the W2. I know one auto group that does this and they are one of the most prestigious and top luxury auto groups in the country. At first when I wasn't making that kind of money I thought it was rather strange and disrespectful. However, later on I realized that the most successful people in automotive sales are the ones that clock over $100k so it shows your true worth. I have seen fellow experts in the industry tout about how they made all this money running an internet department before starting their own company. But when it came time to validate from the dealer it was evident that they had never even managed a department. As far as not affording someone, the reality is that you can't afford not to hire that special pro that will make you more money. I learned that you get what you pay for. Hire cheap and you get under performance but hire and invest and you get the best.

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