How are you attracting the best talent to your store?

Bart Wilson

It's a competitive job market.  What are you doing to get the best talent to apply at your dealership?

Derrick Woolfson

We took a deep look into the benefits we offer along with working towards a better work/life balance. That is something companies have to take a look into.  With the employee demographic now being predominately millennials, they are not going to work the 12hr plus days; or six days a week. 

Kristen Tepper

We have some clients who have tiered employee referral reward programs. 

Start - Current Employee refers a friend
1. Shows up for the interview - employee gets $10
2. Makes it to the second round - employee gets $10
3. Hired - $100
4. Stays for 3 months - employee gets $300, hired friend gets $100
5. Stays for 6 months - employee gets $300, hired friend gets $100

I think some people think this looks like a lot of money but is there any better investment than your employees and even your customers? And how much are you spending on job posting ads, no-shows, paperwork for employees who quit 2 weeks later, etc?

And it's always safe to say that your quality employee hangs out with like minded friends AKA more of your potentially highest quality employees. 

Bart Wilson

Interesting approach Kristen.  We always struggled to get referrals programs to work, and this looks like a good solution.

Derrick, how is your dealership solving the work/life balance problem?

Kenneth Bittner

I like your structure of your "tiered  employee referral program" Kristen.  Good thinking!

I also believe that we (as an industry) need to take a closer look at the "culture" that permeates our showrooms.  Are they really a place/job that someone strives to get and stay at?  If the answer is "no" (as evidences by this very discussion) then why not?

This culture that we have (which I was a part of); "you better sell 10 this month or you're gone"; "what did you do for me today?"; "from hero to zero every month" has to change.  I believe the 90/10 rule applies here ie: that treatment may "motivate" 10% of the sales force but it sure is a turnoff to the other 90%.

This also ties in with another current discussion "How do you hire the right people for the job" ie; someone with a sales apptitude?

If one really sits and analyzes it, we have a multi faceted problem facing us.  It's not a new "problem", its just that we haven't corrected after 100 years of automotive retail.

I have a lot of ideas about this and would be glad to discuss them with anyone interested.

Bart Wilson

A few years ago at DSES we had a speaker from the Disney Institute.  After he presented all of the responsibilities and requirements of a street sweeper at a Disney property, he said something profound:  "I hire from the same talent pool you do."

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