How can I get my managers excited about SEO

Michael Migliorini
I've been doing alot of research on SEO's on driving sales and I would like to know how to get my management team excited about doing it. What are some tips to help me convince them that we need to be doing to this?
Jeremy Hambly
SEO is a really tough thing to get a manager in to SEO since it isn't an instant results type thing. Dealerships are one of the toughest clients to close. I have several of them as clients and they are a tough close, but the main value point is the long term benefit, the fortified positioning a good seo campaign gives you, the increased trust organic traffic has over PPC, and the prospect of not having to pay for every visitor to your website. Feel free to message me with any other questions you may have Jeremy Hambly Indie Results
Merla Turner
Hi Michael, As someone who has spent the last several years at a dealership, I think you need to sell your managers on the idea of SEO like you sell your customers; features, advantages, benefits! Here are a couple things you can throw at them… Depending on the study you read, about 84% of customers now search online for a vehicle. Search is the #1 most used source consumers use to locate dealers - trumping traditional media like Yellow Pages, TV and newspapers. (Yahoo!/Cobalt Study, 2008) So, simply put, if you don't show up on the first page of Google and other search engines, your customers won't find your dealership. If they can't find you, it’s pretty likely they won't call, email or drive by either. SEO takes time and patience – which is hard for many managers to understand – they are used to taking out a newspaper ad or purchasing a radio/TV spot and receiving instant gratification. However, I bet your managers are experiencing less calls from newspaper/radio/TV marketing then years before beca
Todd Smith
Great question with a simple answer. Look at SEO is a free way for you to steer targeted vehicle shoppers that are specifically looking for target terms that you have chosen to market. My quick example: Your dealership sells all new vehicles at invoice prices. So you take the time and make sure invoice price is on your webpage at least 6 times and in multiple variations on multiple pages. By optimizing your website around key terms that will generate targeted leads that you deem appropriate you will achieve great results organically. In another way picture it as having a billboard on your nearest highway close to the dealership with your targeted keywords on it that if people are interested in those keywords as they pass by they will get off the highway and drive straight to your front door where you can meet and greet them. The best place to find some of these keywords is in your analytics. With technology today you can even determine which keywords are converting into leads.
Andy Warner
I think the easiest way to get your managers excited about SEO is not even bringing up SEO. SEO is mainly beneficial to the online professional. Most dealership managers do understand nor are willing to understand SEO. Thus do not bring it up. Instead, ask your managers for testimonials. All dealerships have a CSI rating accompanied with comments from customers. Obtain this information from your managers. Ask sales and service personnel for cards they received from their customers thanking them for a positive experience. Collect point-of-sale comment cards in sales, service, body shop, etc. Lastly, biographies of sales people can help your seo efforts as well. These vital pieces of information can be used in dealership blogs, social media pieces, etc. (Always ask for the customer's permission of course) These nuggets of information can ramp up your seo efforts without trying to convince your dealership personnel of the benefits of seo.
Jeff Wallen
I would simplify the issue as much as possible. Get them to think of it in real world terms. Their website is not advertising, it's an extension of their dealership online. A dealerships #1 form of advertising in the real world is their location. SEO is their location on the web. In the real world, if you have terrible location then the only people who are coming to your dealership are the ones who know you. If you approach SEO the right way then its the same as your dealership having incredible traffic due to being where most of the people are traveling - search engines. If they get it, then their excited and willing to learn.

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