How Did Your Internet Department Perform Last Month

Adam Ross
This Week's Poll for Car Dealers at How did your Internet Department perform last month (January 2010) vs. expectations? Which new programs are you trying this month to increase traffic to your showroom? Thanks for your input.
Jim Bell
We as a dealership did quite well and came off a record January. I went fairly aggressive with my pay per click advertising and it paid off. I spent all but $47 of my budget. We are in a market of about 350,000 people. We had just over 4000 unique visitors, 40,500 page views, converted a little over 8% for sales and service. 40% of our business was generated from phone ups from my tracking numbers, i-leads (closed 14% of total leads), and email campaigns. I am going just as aggressive with our pay per click this month and we are kicking off some micro sites to get some more leads generated for my team since they are performing quite well. We are starting February off with a bang so we can't complain too much. We are to be hit with some weather Friday and Saturday and we are hoping it won't affect us too much. We have never really tracked internet sales properly until December so we were happy. We are looking forward to a great February. Good selling!
Margalit Gould
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