How Do GM's Think?

Scott Larrabee

As a GM, what are the TOP 3 things you want your salesforce focusing on daily?

Mark  Handlon

Time Management, Follow up, Prospecting

Dealer Guy

Sounds like a task for the CRM. Sadly, they are never used to their potential. Hence why free CRMs make sense in today's over priced CRM market. They do the same things. Hubspots got the best.

Scott Larrabee

What do you think of Vinsolutions, Dealer Guy?

Dealer Guy

We're 13 months away from getting out of our CDK contract, I've looked at several top tier CRMs and the one that works best to me is not VinSolutions but Dealer Socket has it going on. I'll get more info in a few weeks at DD in Tampa.

Sean Kelley

Seriously, don't even think about looking at a cookie cutter CRM like dealer socket. Do yourself a favor and check out Drivecentric, its bar none the best thing out there. Your sales people will live in that tool because its actually fun to use.

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