How Do GM's Think?

As a GM, what are the TOP 3 things you want your salesforce focusing on daily?

Mark  Handlon

Time Management, Follow up, Prospecting

What do you think of Vinsolutions, Dealer Guy?

Sean Kelley

Seriously, don't even think about looking at a cookie cutter CRM like dealer socket. Do yourself a favor and check out Drivecentric, its bar none the best thing out there. Your sales people will live in that tool because its actually fun to use.

Kenny  Hammad

We are always looking at the CRM asking sales people to follow up, Make 20 or 30 phone calls a day, email customers, know the inventory, 100% T.O. among many other things and Ideas that we heard over the years has been suggested to almost every owner and GM.  Having a good CRM does not solve the problem. What about employing competent qualified people to get the job done who can stop wasting deals to competitors? The industry likes to have Rockies on the floor from managers to sales people. Just wondering if any GM or owner sat with him or herself to ask how many deals we lost from the three new Rockies we hired a month ago. You will get sick finding out the real numbers.

Mike Hastings

@DealerGuy so your store uses the CRM and that's why you're shopping at DD instead of using Hubspot?

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