How do I proceed?

Tony Wood
Forewarning, this might be a long statement: A little over a year ago I received a lucrative job offer in a different industry. I provided my GM with a one month notice to give him plenty of time to replace me as I was a higher end Sales Professional. In that time, they approached me with the opportunity to be the eCommerce Director for the dealership. I didn't really want to leave as I enjoyed my team, the industry, and my job, but I am the sole income provider for a family of 8, so I had to do what I had to do. So, when they offered me that position, I was extremely happy. A large part of my responsibilities would be to manage a BDC. I informed them that I had no issue managing people as I've had extensive management experience. The tech side, data & metrics tracking, etc. were also no big deal. My only real concern was that I had zero experience in regards to a BDC. My GM assured me that he would be spending an exorbitant amount of time in the "war room" with me to help me get on my feet. He assured me I would receive ample training to bring my knowledge base up to speed. He also assured me I would received a specific pay plan. At this point, I had a very narrow window for when I was supposed to start in this new position. Not having much time, I accepted the offer without getting anything in writing, trusting that it would be provided to me. I have been in my position for about 14 months. I have received the base pay I was promised, but zero bonuses or commissions that I was told would be available. My GM hasn't spent an hour in the BDC, let alone any real time to provide any assistance. I later found out that corporate was opposed to the idea of a BDC, and it was his pet project. So, we received zero corporate backing in regards to funding for necessary programs, equipment, etc. To date, I have had zero training. I built our BDC from nothing. The only thing I had to go off of was what was provided to me by Google and you wonderful people here at driving sales. I've poured my life blood into this position. Every opportunity we've had, every procedure in place, everything involving the BDC is what I created and implemented. I've spent more time, energy, and effort on this venture then you can even begin to imagine. Although nothing was invested in me, I've invested everything I have into making this work. Not only because I have a large family to provide for, but I have employees who are counting on me to help them earn a real paycheck. With that said, our department has been profitable. We're not blowing it out the water, but for having nothing but our CRM to work with, we've made things happen. Not once, not even in the first month, have we lost money because of my department. Today, I was told I have until end of day Friday to decide whether or not I would like to go back to Sales or sever my ties with the company. I'm extremely upset, but if I'm being honest, I saw it coming. How could I not? Even after proving that we could make something out of nothing, nothing was being invested into our success. Instead we're doing things like dropping thousands of dollars on turkeys and hams to provide with a service special. I've been lied to, cheated out of monetary compensation that I have no legal recourse to obtain (which I understand is my fault for trusting them), and left to dry. The worst part is, I can't afford to tell them no. I can't afford to say, "You didn't even remotely attempt to honor your promises, why would I continue to work for you?" Why? Because I live in a small town where my options are extremely limited and I have too many mouths to feed to be unemployed for even a day. They know they have me by the neck, and that there is nothing I can honestly do about it. I have to swallow my pride, and push forward for the sake of my family, even if it is with a dishonest corporation. Even worse, can I even consider my last 14 months as true experience as an eCommerce Director? I essentially performed responsibilities that I created for myself on the fly. Because I had no direction, I imagine my workload was much heavier than it needed to be, but can I really claim that as a real level of experience that will benefit me with another company? Now that I've spoken my frustrations, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for the information and assistance you've all provided. Driving Sales has proven to be an invaluable source and I can't begin to truly express my gratitude. If it wasn't for the individuals and assistance I've received from this group, a lot of the success that we've had would not have been there. Furthermore, an individual (who will remain unnamed) even offered to pay for a ticket for me to attend DSES. I only had to cover airfare, my hotel, and my food. Corporate denied my request for assistance with those costs a couple days before the event, essentially the day I would have had to fly out (or else I would have said something to you sooner, I'm very sorry for not being able to give you an answer in a timely fashion). I would have paid for them myself and probably could have afforded to had my pay plan been honored. Anyway, I'm trying to veer away from the negativity now. I really just wanted to vent a little bit, and say thanks. I wish all of you insane success in your careers and I hope that you achieve all of your career and life goals. Take care.
Clint Jones
Hey Tony, keep your head up bro! Send me a personal message and I will offer you some advice. No offense to anyone on the forum, but I won't float this stuff out there for all to see. Clint
Michael Bilson
Tony..its always been a pleasure speaking with you and sharing thoughts and idea's on this forum. You have much to offer with your knowledge and passion that I am sure you will be better off in the future whatever you decide. Best wishes my friend.
Tony Wood
Thank you for all of the supportive responses, it means a lot. @Chris: My wife and I had originally discussed having 14 children when we were first married. After having a few, we realized how challenging it is to raise them and decided to go ahead and stop at 6! I apologize if there was any confusion. The family of 8 statement included my wife and myself :)
jordan thomas
I don't have an answer to "how do I proceed" but I definitely have sympathy for you and anger towards those that treated you unfair. I have 2 kids and know how hard it can be so I can't imagine life with 6! I will definitely send positive thoughts and vibes your way and hope everything falls into place just right for you.
Tony Wood
I don't believe in karma, but if I did this would be a glorious example. They're just now realizing that no one else knows how to run/complete any of the reports that I created from scratch. No one knows how to use a number of the sites on the administrator level. They came to me and asked me to train this person on that, and another person on this. They asked me to teach another individual how to compile and compose some of the reports that I'm running. I told them I'd be happy to. I said training the other individuals on how to use them will cost them $50/hr with a minimum of 3 hrs paid up front per source. Each reporting package, which were reports I created in Excel, will cost them $500/per. It will cost them another $100/hr for training on the packages with a minimum of 3 hrs paid up front per package. Then, since they've already screwed me once, I told them that before I teach anyone anything, I'll need that complete agreement in writing. Thankfully, I created all of the reporting packages for my benefit for tracking data and did so on my personal PC. So, they can't claim rights to ownership :)

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