How do you alleviate the customers "Trust Issues?"

Ron Henson
Distrust puts the consumer on a hair trigger as they engage with the dealer, 50% will walk out of a dealership if the dealer requires a test drive before providing a price, 43% if personal information is required. Thoughts?
Andrew Myers
Process, Process, Process. There are also stats regarding the uptick in gross average and closing rate if customers DO test drive a vehicle before working numbers. For me, it's all about drilling with your team about these specific 10 second chunks of car deals. There is always a 'smooth' way to handle asking for information, or pursuing a test drive with your prospects. Dealer's should take time to specifically work on these "hand-offs" from one phase of the sales process to the next. Also, of course have a policy in place to detect the customers that this would turn away before engaging, and have an alternative process for how to handle those customers also. Everything is a numbers game. But if you give up all the control you might be getting gamed yourself!
Megan Barto
Why do your customers distrust you? (Silly question, I know). But if we do everything we can to ease them and let them know we're a trustworthy lot, in my experience, you'll run into less issues of customers wanting a price before test-drive.
Jeremy Anspach
First off, the "conversation" must start on your VDPs and on listing sites and you must have the information available that will immediately start building trust before they ever hit your showroom. There are studies out there that have shown the top three reasons customers will leave your showroom without buying is 1: A lack of product knowledge from your staff 2: They're not given market data to justify your price, and 3: you're not building enough value in the vehicle. The key in building trust is to arm your staff as well as your customers with as much relevant information as possible about the vehicle. Things like independent market data and what others have paid for the same car, as well as the value, option, and recon highlights that make up your vehicle's price. A Chevy Tahoe LTZ comes with a lot more features than a Chevy Tahoe, and you should have the independent information available to show your customers the value and the actual dollars that accompany higher trim or high content vehicles in order to build trust and justify your price.
Jason Stum
I'll admit that it's been over 4 years since I sold my last car, however during that time rarely did I encounter someone who wouldn't take a test drive without having pricing information first. However maybe things have changed the past few years? Now the personal information part, I'm going to assume that means asking for credit app information, and not a simply drivers license and contact info, prior to taking a test drive. If that is indeed the case, that's a huge pet-peeve of mine and I see it happen all too often. Honestly, I would fall into the 43% as well if I was asked to fill out a credit app prior to looking at a car.

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