How Do You Define Management Competency?

Garry House

Successful dealerships strive to recruit, hire, and retain the best-available management talent. Once that talent is on board, effective performance management processes must be in place to provide these yet-unproven (to us) managers with feedback on their work results and to ensure that they are receiving the tools and support to become high achievers. So I always ask my potential client-dealers to describe their method of evaluating the overall competence of the individuals on their management staff. With few exceptions, the answers I receive are consistently disappointing. Rarely have I been provided with a comprehensive assessment tool that the dealership senior management team utilizes on a timely basis to both fairly evaluate their subordinate management staff and initiate an appropriate response to the assessment.

Word cloud depicting the primary elements of CompetenceTo assist you in evaluating your own management competence (or that of your subordinate managers), I invite you to try out the Competency Analysis for Automotive Retail Management developed by Garry House & Associates. You may access this tool by clicking, scrolling to the bottom of the web page, and clicking on the Microsoft Word icon.

Although the detail on this assessment tool may not exactly fit the management philosophy and culture of your dealership organization, this sample should provide a pattern for developing a similar tool that will best serve your needs. Please let me know if I can help you with this task. This message is just a further demonstration of the Value First policy of Garry House & Associates!

Unfortunately, I can’t help you find talented, dedicated, and coachable dealership managers. But I can train them in the specific knowledge and specialized skills required for automotive retail management…and I’ll even test them to make sure they actually know the information and can deliver results for you! Furthermore, I can provide mentoring and coaching to any managers in your organization who have earned that benefit and would welcome it.

Wishing you a Great Summer Selling Season!

Garry House

(561) 339-0043

Mark Rask

This is an area that could certainly be improved upon

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