How do you handle it?

Tony Wood This is a tough one. To be fair, they should have been more thorough in the hiring process. As a dealership where their employees are engaging with the public, they have a responsibility for the safety of their customers. I do not believe hiring this man for that position was in the dealership's best interest. Look at the flip side, what if a customer pushed him to the breaking point (which is very possible in this industry) and he again went to the degree of attempted murder. At that point, the dealership would have a huge question looming over them in the manner of, "You knew he had a history of being dangerous, why would you hire him?" With that said, they had already hired him. Not only had they already hired him, they had received positive press for doing so. At that point, you have to recognize your mistake in not being thorough, and bite the bullet and give the guy a go. While you have a responsibility to the public's safety, now you and everyone in the city were just alerted to this man's history and they all know what he was capable of previously. I think at that point you just run with it. What are your thoughts?
Megan Barto
He disclosed it on the application - I say it's 100% on the dealership to investigate further. Interesting find - thanks for sharing!
Jason Stum
It appears the public is rallying against Lowery Brothers Chrysler Jeep. Their review score on Google is at 1.2 stars and dropping. Not fairing much better on Facebook.
Tony Wood
Yeah, they're facing a lot of blow back. That's what happens when you fire from the hip.
mark rask
If he disclosed it they should have looked farther
Mark Miller
This shows the need for proper checks to be complete BEFORE hiring an individual. It was on his application, which was given to him AFTER he was hired. It sounds like the dealership needs to review their hiring practices. I am not familiar with NY law, but Colorado is an at will state so either party can terminate for an or no reason. I can't say I disagree with the dealership's actions, I do disagree with their hiring practice of not running a background check first.

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