How do you handle sexual harassment in your dealership?

Kathryn Carlson
Every dealership should provide training on anti harassment and anti discrimination to both managers and employees along with having each employee sign the dealership's no tolerance policy regarding harassment and discrimination. This is the minimum that a dealership should do to protect their employees and the dealership. Several states require by law (including CA and CT) that supervisors receive anti- harassment training. In the event a incident of harassment is reported the dealerhship must carefully investigate the claim (no matter what managements opinion of the validity of the claim is) document the finding, take appropriate action and ensure that there is absolutely no retaliation to the employee who reported the claim. For additional information on preventing harassment and discrimination in your dealership check out the resources availalbe at or at Email me at and I will be happy to provide you with a free sample anti- harassment and anti- discrimination policy.
Eric Miltsch
Kathryn - great info, thanks for the links. Are you aware of any other states that require this training?
Cassie Allinger
Such an important topic, Eric. I wish I could say that I haven't dealt with it much, but I have. I worked in two different dealerships, both of which fell on each side of the spectrum. The first had no formal (or communicated) policy/process and the second had a pretty solid policy and training process. Needless to say, I encountered several issues at the first store, and while they were handled, the situation may have been avoided if proper training and policies had been in place.
Eric Miltsch
Wow, that's awful Cassie - an unfortunate situation for you to experience. Thanks for the comment - perfect example of how important this is to the dealership culture. (Again - great resources above from Kathryn, be sur to check them out and be prepared!)

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