How do you incentive team members to complete monthly scorecard reviews?

Allison Nygaard

Outside of monetary incentives, have you had any other ideas that have worked in your dealership?

Aimee Rogers

We have not done monthly scorecards. As far as incentives go, we have done a "get out of snow removal" card,  extra vacation day,  and go home early a day.  

Allison Nygaard

@aimee I love the idea of no questions asked time off! We have heard of some pretty fun and unique reward systems. 


Bart Wilson

@Aimee, I love that "get out of snow removal" card! Anyone who has had to clean the cars after a snowstorm knows the value.

Aimee Rogers

Oh yes!!  That one was popular!!  

Jason Volny

Most dealerships run spiff programs for their sales teams. Spiffs are not part of the employee's normal pay plan, in most states. They can be used to motivate employees to complete their scorecard reviews. Meaning, you don't qualify for any spiff programs unless your scorecard review is completed by the 5th of every month. For most salespeople, they would stand to lose $200-$500. Trust me, they'll be done. 

This is not a long-term solution. Performance reviews should be tied to their multi-level career path and should be viewed as a way to get a promotion and the rewards tied to it. 

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