How do you pay for your BDC?

Robert Bader
I was listening to Steve Stauning's video series about the 5 must haves for creating a successful BDC. One of the topics he discusses is creating sustainable pay plans for both the BDC and sales staff. As far as the BDC reps are concerned he talks about paying a draw against commission; which doesn't seem too far fetched to me. But for sales people he talks about paying 50% of the commission for sold BDC appointments. Now, I've thought of increasing the doc fee by $100 or adding an additional pack to sold vehicles but never paying a reduced commission for sold BDC appointments. Do any of you have experience with either one of these methods? To me paying a reduced commission on sold appointments seems like a radical concept that could potentially backfire. So I'm curious to hear if anyone else has tried this before.
Hey Robert, I am a current BDC Manager and have been with Nissan for quite some time now. This topic has been something that has come up many different ways, but I have learn that the best way is as such: Either a Salary or $10 per (Salary is better in that you don't have be concerned with overtime) Commission $10 per show $20 per sale Monthly Unit Bonus 10 Units - $250 20 Units - $500 30 Units - $750 40 Units - $1000 This structured pay plan is one that can be measured and a lot more practical than splitting sales staff deals. As well without having to add in additional packs or raising the doc fee. Please feel free to call me with any questions - 678-296-9246 -Elijah
Michael Bilson
I am happy to share with ANYONE how to add the most productive and effective BDC representative to your team. One who offers years of experience, perfect attendance, no HR issues, wonderful refs and willing to work for a monthly salary while helping your other reps increase talk time and conversion. Feel free to give me a call.
Robert Bader
Elijah, Thanks for the advice. Your pay plan isn't too far off from how ours is set up. I'm looking to possibly add a doc fee/pack/reduced commission to help preserve net gross for the dealership and find a way to help absorb the cost of the BDC. Michael, though your comment was irrelevant to the conversation thanks for your input anyways!
Chad DeSelms
We have all part time college students and they start at 8.25 plus incentives. it usually breaks out to 10-12.00 per hour. I think full time employees burn out too quickly. i like the computer savy generation and i get the cream of the crop. Normal life span is 1 - 3 years but it's worth the continuous training.
Michael Bilson
@ Robert...did not mean to hijack your post with something self comment was geared towards...... "I'm looking to possibly add a doc fee/pack/reduced commission to help preserve net gross for the dealership and find a way to help absorb the cost of the BDC."

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