How do you secure your inventory keys?

Tori Zinger

Last week, we reported a story about two vehicles that were stolen from a dealership; the thief in that case was able to take the keys from the dealership's key-tracking machine, though it remains unclear how he was able to obtain access to the machine.

What processes and procedures do you use to secure the keys to the vehicles in your inventory?

Derrick Woolfson

While we didn't have vehicles stolen - we started our own system, which is keeping all of the keys in the cashier's office. The cashiers use Google Doc's (which provides a digital time stamp) of when the key was last checked out. This not only helped with losing keys, but also gave us information such as how often the unit was test driven, and what units weren't getting any love. It has made a huge difference. Keys are too valuable to just have sitting in plain site. 

Tori Zinger

Great point on tying inventory metrics into your access process, Derrick. 

Chris K Leslie

We have been using KeyTrack for a few years now. We have so many vehicles that it is really the only thing that makes sense for us. 

We have a key vault at each dealership, but honestly it would be so easy to steal a car from this place. I think because we are in Maine we don't worry as much, but with recent events it really brings to light the attention this deserves! 

Simon Mayers

Keep all car keys in a central, restricted-access location with some sort of record of who took which keys, when, and the time of their return.
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