How do you train a new Sales Consultant?

Brandin Wilkinson

I recently talked with the President & CEO of one of the largest dealer groups in Canada and he shared with me "embarrassingly" that they don't have a real system in place for training new Sales Consultants outside of some online videos and a couple of days spent with their Sales Managers.  He admitted that they were making improvements on this issue.

Is this the norm or the exception?

We spend thousands on advertising to drive motivated buyers into the dealership, but only spend a couple of days and some online training for the Sales Consultants to look after these motivated buyers in a professional matter.  And expect them to get top-end results.

Do you consider training a priority with a new Sales Consultant?

Do you incorporate personal development into your training?

Do you or would you send your Sales Consultant to an outside of the industry seminar such as Tony Robbins UPW?

Do you have a guide for new commissioned Sales Consultants to use for writing off expenses?

Curious to know what the standard is for dealers to train new sales consultants.

Brandin Wilkinson

@Scott agreed! 

Carlo Castillo

Training is BIG priority. 

Try building a training process in house....

We just started a new training process at our store about 4 months ago. New hire start in the BDC to learn process, product and phone skills. They start by learning CRM  processes by shadowing BDC agents then driving for them on the PC's> Product knowledge with Tech specialist> Phone skills trained by me. They get to learn internet/phone/walk in processes from both salesmen and BDC agent perspectives and starts a good relationship for New Salesmen and BDC working towards the same goal . This takes about 2-3 weeks pending on experience. Then they have start calling and taking phone ups and creating appts, if they can produce here then they don't make it to the floor. If they can't make create traffic with me and access to most leads, it will not start magically happening by pushing them to the floor. 

Once they are setting appts about a month in, they can shadow salesmen on appts they have created only. This continues until desk mgrs feel they can work a deal on their own. New hire get to see how salesmen succeed and fail, the ones that have made it so far are doing great. 

Brandin Wilkinson

@Carlo that's a similar process to a dealer group I know up here and it sounds like they have similar results as you do.  The in-house strategy is far less expensive and you can stay on top of their development more which is great.  Some dealers have the right people in place to lead the way here while others think they do but in reality, they don't.  At the end of the day if you're seeing results and they are doing great then stick with what works!

Chris Murray

Yes they do and they always will and everyone else will ALWAYS be average at best but most likely below average,

Jake McCracken

The best results come when the leaders of the dealership stop looking at training as an activity, and look at it more of a culture. When you build a culture of training, then you have the work in place for when you onboard a new employee and it carries on to the more tenured employees as well. Training cannot be done in a one or two week span when an employee is first hired and be expected to be effective. 

The sad truth is that most dealers are like the one you talked with. They just wing it.

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