How do you train a new Sales Consultant?

Brandin Wilkinson

I recently talked with the President & CEO of one of the largest dealer groups in Canada and he shared with me "embarrassingly" that they don't have a real system in place for training new Sales Consultants outside of some online videos and a couple of days spent with their Sales Managers.  He admitted that they were making improvements on this issue.

Is this the norm or the exception?

We spend thousands on advertising to drive motivated buyers into the dealership, but only spend a couple of days and some online training for the Sales Consultants to look after these motivated buyers in a professional matter.  And expect them to get top-end results.

Do you consider training a priority with a new Sales Consultant?

Do you incorporate personal development into your training?

Do you or would you send your Sales Consultant to an outside of the industry seminar such as Tony Robbins UPW?

Do you have a guide for new commissioned Sales Consultants to use for writing off expenses?

Curious to know what the standard is for dealers to train new sales consultants.

Chris Murray

Brandin, there are plenty of "experts" in every industry but very few specialists. Im glad you like the mentor idea but for my money I would avoid putting a new hire with a veteran for the simple reason that the veteran is selling previous dealership/personal customers and in most every case he is NOT using fundamental sales skills. That, sir, is from experience.

Brandin Wilkinson

Yah agreed Chris.  Good point!  I guess my view on an expert is someone who knows everything about their industry.  The reason why I put "The Perennial Sales Starter Kit" together was to offer online mentors to Sales Consultants and Managers because you're right, the veteran is typically stuck in their ways and will only be able to offer limited education.

Chris Murray

I like your work Brendin and I am sure I will continue to. From time to time I disagree with some things I see here and enjoy the back and forth.

Brandin Wilkinson

For sure Chris, but at least you explain why you disagree which is beneficial to me and other readers, that's how we learn and get better. 

Brendan Dolan

I was super selective of who we used as a mentor. The last thing I wanted was to give the new guy over to the guy who short cuts the process. If I did that, I'd have no process!

We had a couple of guys who loved training, stuck to our sales process, used the CRM, and were good on the phones. Those guys got a little extra for helping out the noobs.

As said though, mentoring can be a total disaster. Pairing up a green pea with a referral guy who has been there for a decade and doesn't take ups isn't a winning move.

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