How is Your Dealership Adjusting?

Travis Williams

What processes are you using to adjust to the current times?

Shawn Ryder

No question going to be a tough month (or longer) for dealers. A few that I work with are pushing the "come to you" aspect, but don't think a focus for people at this point. A dealer in my market cancelled shuttle service all together, a bit of a surprise but I do get it at the same time.

Mark Rask

we are adapting daily

Morgan Hardy

Florida doesn't seem to be following the precautions. 

Bart Wilson

@Morgan, I think this is an interesting situation.  With states taking different approaches, I'm curious to see how the "curve is flattened".  In China, for example, they had stringent protocols to curb the spread.

David Steinberg

The reality is, sales are down everywhere.  We are releasing some of our data on how new car sales are impacted by Covid-19.

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