How long is your vendor leash?

Bart Wilson

How long are you giving a solution in your store before you cancel?  Do you find your are more or less patient with vendors than in years past?

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, I think it entirely depends on the vendor/product. For digital, I give at least three months or so, and ideally six months. I also compare their product (so long as it is Apples to Apples) against the other vendors/services we use. If one is out performing the other than I will make the move. However, it is important to note a few things - are you (the dealer) giving the vendor everything they need to be successful? Are you involved in brain-storming? Or is this yet another vendor thrown on auto-pilot with the hopes of making it happen. 

Morgan Hardy

We have been using one specific vendor for a long time that often fails to show results or do what they've said they are going to. Sometimes, we have issues even reaching them. When we complain or start looking into other vendors they seem to step it up. Then this happens all over again. 

Kathy Barnard

I usually give them about 3 mos to prove themselves. Unfortunately often times the vendor offers a good product or service, but their performance is lacking due to a poor representative. If that is the case, I may ask for a new representative before making a change. However, I expect accountability from every vendor. 

Bart Wilson

@Kathy, when I think back to my dealer days, this was always the problem.  The tools or services had the right capabilities, but the implementation and support was lacking.

Brian Nieves

90 to 120 Days. And I always keep in contact with the sales rep. Many times if I am unhappy with the service I will contact the sales rep and get him involved. I think this holds the vendor more accountable to what I was promised versus what I receive.

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