How long should you work for one dealer?

Sheri Hudspeth
I read an article on (see link below) Where they say employees who stay at a job over 2 years get paid 50% less. How long should you stay at your place of employment? Do you get stagnant if you stay in one place too long? Do you need to move to move up? What do you think of peoples resumes who show they move around a lot? Ready.....Go!
Randi DeSantis
I dont know. There are so many cases that I have witnessed (while sitting happily at my dealership for 10 years) where people leave for a LITTLE more money, and then are miserable. Recently, one of our managers left for a bit more money to another dealer, and now I hear he is on the chopping block to lose his job. It just depends. Obviously, if you're not appreciated, you should look elsewhere. But if you have a good thing going for you- why risk your career over a few bucks? I guess for me it would need to be more substantial.
Lauren Moses
Sheri, Great question. I was at my last job ( a bank teller) for just shy of two years when I got offered my current job. I was miserable and looking for a way out but had only managed to get one resume out. The day after I put that one out, I got the call for the offer. I gave up almost 2 years, being the highest rank teller at my branch, tons of responsibility (in a good way), benefits, sick days, vacation days, Everything, to move to my dealership. But, I went up over $2 in pay an hour and got to drop alot of stress. To me it was well worth it. I haven't been here quite a year yet, but honestly don't see me moving again for a while unless it's really truly an ungodly amount of money more. You never know what you are walking into, but you do know what you are walking out of. But like I told our CEO at the bank (he and I were pretty close so I didn't mind saying how I felt) when he said...."the grass isn't always greener..." to which I responded..."but the money sure is." I tend to be wary of job hoppers. I don't like to be one, but if you look at someone's resume and they are moving jobs every year or two but going to higher up jobs wouldn't you consider that a good thing since they are hard workers and move up the chain fast? But you also have to worry that they will outgrow you and want to move up more to the next best job. Can go so many different ways
Patrick McIntyre
Well if you desire to create a following, then status quo would be appropriate. But if managements goal is to short pay for an employees provided service, than I can understand why an employee would walk. The question should be, how does the auto retail industry turn around a 115% employee turnover!!
Kemick Larson
I personally try not to look at length of employment too much, because I myself have done a bit of jumping around to find a dealership that I like a lot and a company that I would like to build my career around. With that being said, I have been running the hiring for our dealership on the sales side of things for a few months and I find myself looking at an endless amount of resumes for either people with current sales experience or people who are looking for a change and want to try Auto Sales out. If I see that someone bounced from 3 separate dealerships within a 4-6 year period of time, that resume ends up getting shuffled further down in the pile. It may be because I honestly dislike the hiring process and do not like to do it often, but with that being said, I don't know one manager I have worked with that loves going through the on-boarding process. If I am looking at someone with slightly less experience, but I know they work for companies for an extended period of time, I will more than likely hire that person over the person with more experience but can't seem to stay in one place over 2 years.
Michael Crain
From a sales stand point job jumping is not a good idea. I worked for a Chevy dealer for 11 years, 53% of my business repeat customers. If I had jumped from dealer to dealer that never would have happened. I have a friend that has worked for a Honda dealership for 28 to 30 years. He does not take a phone call or a fresh up, he only takes referrals and sells 65 to 70 vehicles a month. He pays a girl to come in once a week and fill out and address his birthday cards, anniversary cards etc. Some of his sales are to the great grands of the first people he sold. Had he jumped from dealer to dealer he would not have been as successful as he is. I hope that answers your question from a sales stand point.

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