How many of your are utilizing your senior sales staff????

Michael Crain
How much more could your sales team achieve if you as the sales coach were more effective at motivating your senior-tenured salespeople and using their skills to inspire the whole team?
Chris K Leslie
is that a question or statement?
Lauren Moses
I was thinking the same thing Chris. @Michael, Not being mean at all, But I wouldn't utilize our senior sales staff if it was the last thing out there. We have one that has been here 35 of 36 years and has TERRIBLE habits. He works just enough to cover himself, but does nothing over that because if he goes over too much he has to repay social security. Nothing but dead weight but who wants to fire someone who has been here that long and is over 60 years old knowing he will never find another job. If they are true pros then they can be a huge asset and if they are making big money they can help encourage and coach younger sales reps into making the big bucks. But if they are only doing the minimum then what's the point.
mark rask
I think that is a great idea
Michael Crain
@ Laure...... Not all senior salesmen would want to participate or should be invited to participate. Your top producers who want to help, mentor, nurture or coach the younger sales reps.You would have two fold benefit. The younger sales reps being more tech savvy could help the others. It puts the dealership in a win win sitre..... .Your building a positive relationships and hopefully the sales floor attitude would change.
Lance MacMillan
Just because you're good at something does NOT mean you're good at teaching it. Two totally, radically different skill sets.

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