How much does your dealership spend on training?

Mark Winters
How much does your dealership spend on training it's employee's Try this formula: Look at the income statement and determine the average amount spent monthly on training expenses. (if you don't have access, ask your controller or office manager for an estimate) Next, subtract from that amount any monies spent on Twenty Group memberships and meetings involving the dealer principal. If that amount isn’t readily available, have the office manager separate it out. What is left over? Finally, divide that remainder by the total number of employees. Does that give you a number that amounts to little more than the cost of a couple of fast food lunches per employee per month?
Grant Gooley
Short and sweet: NOT ENOUGH! Training is underrated and underestimated in my opinion. Especially in this day in age, emerging technology is spinning our sales and marketing processes in different directions! Back to the basics!
Mark Winters
Grant, Give ma a best guess of how much you think is spent per employee per month.
Christopher Murray
Mark the dollars per employee per month spent on training is less than $25. That is my bet and it is based on experience.
Grant Gooley
Hmmm. Id say that it's very similar to Marks answer. I know that will change over time, DS University will be implemented in soon time!
Christopher Murray
Grant I was a sales trainer for nine years so I have an excellent grasp on the dollars spent. I am proud to say I had two of the top five privately held dealerships in the US as my clients the entire nine years that I trained so I have some knowledge of training......I hope DS gets involved!

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