How often should vendor reps be in dealership?

Subi Ghosh
Honestly. Depends on the relationship. Have the conversation up front. I think the trend of "I'll show up as needed to catch you off guard"... is outdated and uncomfortable. Give me time to set aside for you, or else... I'm just going to make excuses to get out of it or not really pay attention to what you're saying. I try to keep standing monthly or bi-weekly appointments to discuss needs, expectations, changes, concerns, and evaluations.
Ron Henson
As a GM I was always a bit annoyed when vendors just showed up out of the blue and expected me to drop everything. On the other hand, I appreciated the engagement and service when they scheduled a regular appointment.
Ryan Leslie
I'd think from the digital solution provider's perspective the only right answer is "as much as I'm needed." With tools like Skype, GOTO, etc. it is really easy for a Vendor to have a presence to support the products and services they offer by demonstration without showing up out of the blue. You can be looking at my screen in less time than it took for me to type this response. It isn't necessary for me to be in store to provide excellent service so the time wasting drop-ins are not really necessary. I can literally be at your beck and call. That said, I think there is absolutely value to regularly scheduled interaction, but I find that those are usually the first meetings to be sacrificed to the urgency of "working a deal" and "OEM Rep is here today." Ron, as a Vendor, I'd hope that my dealers know that I'm here to help them whenever and as much as they need me. I try to make sure that anytime I ask for their time it is because I have something of value for them. "Just checking in" doesn't provide value.
Bill Simmons
I am not a big fan of them just dropping by unexpected. I have great working relationships with all of my vendors, but cannot drop what I'm doing to meet with them at any given moment. If they will schedule a time and I know they're coming, I'll give them all the time they need.

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