How open are other BDC departments with their methods?

Robert Bader
So I am in the beginning phases of implementing a BDC at our dealership. I have the dealer principle and all of management on board and am solely spearheading the project. While presenting the proposal to management the other day the dealer principle kind of blind sided me by asking me to find another BDC to observe for a day or two. One that sells the same product as we do - Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram. Yikes! Though I have quite a bit of BDC experience I have only ever worked in one department. So, aside from what I read and watch online, I can't really speak to how other BDC's are run. And I definitely have never built one from the ground up. He is wanting me to find an established department to bounce ideas off of in addition to observing their day to day. I know there is only one other BDC department in our state that consists of more than one person. And they definitely would not be open to assisting...which I wouldn't blame them for. We are in the South-East region. Has anyone done this before? How does one go about approaching this? Thanks in advance.
Keith Wilkerson
I would get in contact with industry people who make their living training and implementing BDCs in dealerships and ask them to refer you to one of their dealers that's not in your competitive market but within a reasonable distance from you that would allow you to visit for a few days. I would reach out to people like Sean V. Bradley, David Kain, or Alan Ram for a list of dealers that have a well-run BDC. Now, you must also make sure you are on the same page with your dealer principle about his vision for your BDC. Is it one that you hire hourly employees to make/take the calls, or will it be the salespeople that will comprise your BDC? When you know that, pass that information along to whatever trainer you wish to contact.
mark rask
Our bcd dept has been in place for several years. I am also the chairperson of an nada 20 group for bdc mangers. i would be happy to help
Robert Bader
@Keith: Thank you for the advice. I didn't think to reach out to any of those guys. I will definitely follow up with that. @Mark: I sent you a PM.
John Marra
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Shannon Hammons
I will help anyone in anyway that I can

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