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Therese Hessler
We have a hard time finding people interested in automotive sales even though we are located in between two dense areas. We've tried posting on specific Automotive sites as well as local sites like Craigslist with little to no feedback. Does anyone have any suggestions on somethings that have worked? Thanks!
H Gregory Gershman
Hi Therese - I find dealers all over the country with the same problem. There can be a few different reasons that can hold you back from hiring: Marketing: Making sure you have an ad written specifically to be search enhanced, so candidates find it. Advertise in broad sources like Indeed. Craigslist is fine as an inexpensive extra source, but you want to get a quantity of applicants to choose from. Screening: Contacting applicants immediately, like you would a dealership internet lead. People that are job hunting are under to pressure to find work, so they have a lot of incentive to interview with the first employer that reaches out to them. Preferably reach out through a call, not email. Interview: If you are getting applicants, but never seem to connect in the interview then having a written consistent process can help. I handle hiring campaigns all the time all over the country. Feel free to message me with any specific questions. I am sure with a few tweaks you can get a stream of people to choose from at your store.
Craig Lockerd
Lots of variables here. Job Title, most people now Google search for jobs/careers.... so let's say your title says "Products Specialists" ABC Motors Even though that's what you may call salespeople at your store, people don't list themselves that way on their resume and wont search that term. Title, Description and tags words should have what you used in the title about 6 times for max search results. Ads with between 700-2000 characters will receive on average 30% more applicants. Like Greg said above me here,when you do receive an applicant it MUST be treated like a golden internet lead, get back to them right away, and in a unique way with the goal to schedule an interview. Not sure what automotive sites you're using but, Indeed, Simply Hired and Zip Recruiter have pay per click programs that we have found to be very effective and of course as in any pay per click, your budget can be made very specific. hope some of this and what Greg suggested helps!
Dave Leger
Automotive sales is not something many people strive towards, unfortunately... There is a stigma... Whether we believe it or not. But I feel it's one of the best opportunities out there. Especially for a young person with some hustle. Way back when... When I was just 18 years old. I was selling advertising for a community, non profit, radio station I volunteered at. After a cold call, I was called by a prospect and asked to come in. So I did, and I was surprised when he offered me a job selling cars. Full commission, so it was scary, but it seemed like a great opportunity. All in all, it was one of the best career moves I have ever taken. While today's younger generation can be hit and miss... I would venture to say you might find some very good talent around your neighborhood. The young lady who is sharp as a tack in the shoe store, but working for minimum wage. The young guy who works at the sporting goods store, who just impressed the crap out of you because he had "it" and gave you a great experience. I think there are a ton of gems out there just waiting to be discovered. And if they're just starting out in life, they may be in a position to take a risk... As opposed to the folks out there that are desperate for a job and will try anything. As long as they are self-driven, and professional... The rest can be taught. But, you have to be sure you're going to invest in them... Otherwise you'll both fail. They will require more handholding, but once they get it... I think they'll be an excellent asset. Do you have a local college or trade school with a hospitality program ? Call them and ask if they have a career day or if you can present to the class. I've had several clients that found success in people who studied hospitality. To Sheri's point, restaurants, hotels etc all require extreme patience and great customer service skills. They sell all the time, sometimes without even knowing that's what they are doing. And in many cases, are essentially on commission as they earn the bulk of their income from gratuities. I had one client in particular who was always recruiting as they were going about their daily routines. If someone gave them a great experience at a retail store, restaurant etc... He gave them his card and asked them to call him. Try it you might be surprised by the results.
mark rask
I agree with craig
Jerry Thibeau
This might help:

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