How To Reduce Turn Over & Retain More Car Salesmen & How Much Turnover Costs A Dealer

Christian Younggren


Bart Wilson

Good stuff Christian. It underscores the importance of a management team that prioritizes employee development.

Christian Younggren

@Bart Wilson Thank you Bart. I really feel like it comes down to a dealership to make a commitment....making continuous training a "must!"

Morgan Hardy

A lot of dealerships don't have any real type of training program in place. 

Christian Younggren


I am sad this is the case, but I guess it's why I am in business.😉Too many feel like it's an event not a ongoing process. Many times I hear, "all my people are veteran salesp. so we're good." Or "we just did some training 6 months ago." What would happen if you got in great shape, then quit working out? Would look the same 6 months from now?

When it comes to sales training I like the saying: "your either getting better or getting worse, but you not staying the same!" 

Thank you for the feedback.


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