How to stave away the winter months

Victoria Dillabough

What do you do to keep your dealership busy during November-January? How do you defeat the Christmas 'lull'

Martins Ville

Visit Costa Rica and take pictures of exotic birds, surf and each healthy.

Derrick Woolfson

We are fortunate as December is one of our busiest months of the year. As for November, January & February - we focus heavily on fixed-ops and do a lot of winter check-up items, which tends to do well. 

And as @Martins said, its the perfect time for a vacation. I try to now do a cruise in January, and Europe in the spring. Makes the cold months go by that much faster! 

Tracy Gell

December is one of our busiest months especially with a major holiday in it. We do a TON of business the last week of the month. We do try and set up for it by laying out a layered advertising plan, to keep the client pipe line full. As for January & February they are usually not too bad either, in fact last year we had major gains YOY but it could have been a little better because of the weather since we're in the North East region.

The year prior we had super cold and more snow. Use the weather to your advantage, if they are home they are playing online.....set your strategy to maximize your opportunities. They like to trade to SUVs & 4wd trucks as soon as it snows here. Use that to your advantage with special offers to help them trade up or out. End of year is tax time and businesses have great advantages yearly with different write offs don't be an accountant but use your tools to drive commercial business at the time it makes the most sense for them to jump on an offer...right before they have Uncle Sam sticking their hand in their business pocket. Have a strategy and work it from every angle.

Try spiffs on your sales floor to get the team motivated just be careful to keep the sales folks low pressure to keep the clients engaged and stay heavy on features and the benefits, to the clients so they can make educated decisions to buy instead of being sold, no one likes to be sold they much prefer to purchase when they are armed with enough reasons and value to do so. Get your team excited and your clients will be excited, it works well!


Mark Rask

Those are good months for us 

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