I HATE these Uniform/Internet/Telephone Companies that have contracts that renew themselves without notice!

Steve Devereaux
Has anyone ever signed a contract that renews itself without notice? I just went through this with Cintas, who was completely raping us for years and found out that the contract renewed itself. The same thing I just found out with Consolidated our Telephone/Internet company. I think these companies are extremely unethical and these kinds of contracts shouldn't even be legal! Does anyone know how to get out of one of these contracts early?
Jared Hamilton
These suck. I just went through the same thing last week. If the contract auto renews for a length of time (1-5 years) I just send a cancellation letter in with the orig contract. So when I see that in any contract before I sign, i negotiate it out. If they will not remove that clause then I simply sign and attach a written cancelation letter with the contract saying, This is to provide written notice that we do NOT intent to renew when our contract is up... etc. This handles it and covers your butt. Also have your comtroller keep a log of the contracts you sign and when they expire. Your controller can notify you 60 or 90 days before the stuff auto renews, just another layer of protection. (im not the most detail oriented person that that kind of help really goes a long way for me.) I appreciate contracts that go for the orig term then move to a month to month agreement. Thats fair for everyone. The worst is auto renews for multiple years, thats crap. I had the exact same scenario with our uniform company years back, so aggravating! (Those uniform companies are tough, they get you paying for extra floor mats you don't need,extra shop rags you don't use etc etc. You really have to watch those bills to keep the expenses down.) Hope that helps. -j
Steve Devereaux
Yeah, the uniform companies definitely seem to be the worst. So after I posted this yesterday, the dealership's Internet went down. I think I'm going to keep a log of every time the Internet goes down and then I might be able to get out of the contract with Consolidated. We can't afford to have the Internet going down, we can't even write a repair order when that happens. It brings business to a complete halt...

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