I know it's wrong but I keep doing it anyway!

Jonathan Dawson
Last week I'm talking to a salesperson who has been selling cars for 9 years and has NEVER and I do mean NEVER followed up with his customers. He has decent CSI and also sells in the top 25% of production each month so the management has let it slide for years. "He will never follow up, no matter what we do. So we just leave it alone. I know it's wrong to let him get away with it, but I do it anyway." the manager says to me. The salesperson also looked me in the eye and said, "I know it's wrong to not follow up but I keep avoiding it anyway". I have an approach I am considering, but I am curious... What would you do?
Frank Marshall
If the customer comes back in outside of 7 days from his last visit then he should not be protected agains a skate and if a BDC agent or someone else in the dealership gets the customer back in without him attempting to followup then the commission should be cut in half to cover BDC expenses.
Frank Marshall
72 hours is even better I'll second that.
Grant Gooley
The automotive industry is the only industry that would ever allow an employee to 100% neglect a process and be allowed. If this guy is a top performer, imagine how many deals he would do if he followed up with his customers. If I were you Jonathan, I would dare him to follow up with his customers for 3 months and see what it does to his sales, if it doesn't change anything, management will never bug him again. If it increases his sales in any way, I'm sure he will just make it a part of his internal process...
Mary Lynch
I like Grant's idea! Also, I have seen this multiple times. Salesperson is selling 20+ cars a month and not following the guidelines. I also know in this instance the salesperson was hogging all of the ups and internet leads and taking about 3x as many as he should. If you are taking that many leads you are bound to get the easy ones out of it. Just think of all those other customers that could have been followed up on by another salesperson and how many more sales there would have been. Just because they are selling 20+ cars a month doesn't mean that they are helping the dealership. Not saying that is the problem in your case, but just something I have seen.
Patrick Ryan
Change the sales persons bonus structure. Have him get bonuses only for the customers that he brings back in. A manager should sit with him each day and make phone calls together.

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