Ibeacons in dealerships

Matthew Pavy
What are some of the concerns about implementing beacon technology at dealerships? Beacon technology can be used to not only capture leads but act as product demonstrator for most of the common hot buttons with today's auto shopper. What value do expect from customer experience management solutions when determining ROI in such a case? The need to gain consumer trust is crucial. Now more so than ever according to this information: From JD power auto shopper survey: Sept '14 AIUs (automotive internet users) spend on average nearly 14 hours on the Internet shopping for vehicles prior to purchase. AIUs who spend the most time shopping on the Internet (12 hours or more) visit more dealers (3.3) to shop prior to purchase than those who spend either a moderate (5 to 11 hours) or minimal (1 to 4 hours) amount of time on the Internet (2.5 and 2.0 dealers, respectively). http://www.jdpower.com/cars/articles/jd-power-studies/2014-new-autoshopper-study-results I also saw another number that corroborates the need for mobile presence on the lot. 2 out of 3 shoppers report walk-in as their first point of dealer contact.
Shawn Long
I think the applications for beacon tech is limitless.But it will be a variable of the consumer acquisition funnel and not a turn key lead generation.In my opinion, the execution plans from the dealerships i ve seen utilize this tech has been quite lackluster compared to what could be implemented.
mark rask
I also think the possibilities are endless for this. However a lot of planning needs to be put in to this. You could potentially upset customers with this
Matthew Pavy
Mark you are correct consideration of consumers interest will be very important
Matthew Pavy
@Chris totally agree and love that you are creating "adventures" for the auto shopper.

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