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Leila Mozaffarian

Hey all! 

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested if I set up a time to do a webinar regarding how dealerships can text through their existing business numbers. A lot of people are unaware that they can text through landlines and toll free numbers, so I wanted to see if there would be interest to show everyone what a platform that is able to do that looks like.... Thoughts?


Aaron Berg

I would first be interested to hear the legal issues surrounding text messaging a consumer. I have recieced very mixed messaging regarding what is legal, what is not, and what is in violation of DNC laws.

Leila Mozaffarian

Unfortunately, I am not a lawyer so I would not be comfortable giving legal advice on text messaging. However, we do have partnerships with all of the wireless carriers so that we can provide the service that we do so we have regular meetings with the FCC regarding TCPA laws. I would be happy to send you the "Zipwhip Best practice for TCPA" pdf if you have a good email. Sorry I could not be of more help.

mark rask

I would like to speak to you about will have to after the first of the month

Leila Mozaffarian

I'd be happy to. Could you do me a favor and find a convenient time for you on my calendar and we can do a conference call/screen share? Here is my calendar: 

mark rask

Leila just pm about this

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