Incentive offers?

Kristen Tepper
88% of Americans say they would like an incentive for sharing a product via email or social media. That number jumps to 95% among 18-34 year olds and 77% of Americans prefer money over any other incentive. With that being said... are you currently utilizing incentive offers are your dealership, why or why not? If you are... what are you trying to motivate/ your customers to do exactly? Are you tracking your success/fails?
mark rask

We are not...this sounds like a good idea. Do you have examples?


Kristen Tepper

Hi Mark,
Tons of examples (been in the incentive industry for about 7 years) but I think it's always more important to ask someone where they feel their pain points are in their dealership because the focus should be on building an incentive program around that.  Are you looking for more...?

  • Referrals
  • Test-drives 
  • Reviews
  • Employee involvement 
  • Employee retention
  • Are too many showroom visits with the classic "we're going to keep looking around" and then never coming back?

Incentives allow us to gamify so many processes within our audiences that result in actual customer experience and opens up the window for a real relationship between us and them.  Prime examples? AirBnB, Uber and Paypal with their incentivized referral programs. Give & Get incentivized referral programs are the newest and probably one of the most enjoyable ways to share, especially for my generation - I can help my friend find a great service AND I get rewarded. And beyond that, I now visit these sources for more than what the original services are, I share airbnb articles and look to paypal for money advice. We have some dealers who use incentives/platform just for fun facebook contests and others who run massive referral programs. The incentive world is literally your oyster.

Chris K Leslie

Dealers have been offering refferal money since forver ago. So the idea of incentive based marketing isn't new to the space.

I would love to see someone develop an affiliate marketing platform for dealers. 

Something like a but for automotive. That's what I am really interested in.

Something longterm and rewarding for both sides. 

mark rask

Kristen ....are you offering this up front to the client as a teaser?

Ben Rockwell

Call me old fashioned but I rather just roll up my sleeves and make my customers genuine raving fans the hard way.



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