Increasing response time

Christopher Murray
We have 100% response in less than 5 minutes using the overnight BDC but, in reality we are only satisfying an old, out of date metric used by the OEM. I can give you the details and contact information if you would like them.
Mike Elliott
Nicole, you mentioned handling leads. As the BDC manager, are you also developing new leads or responding to incoming leads that weren't generated by your department? I ask because the definition of a BDC varies from dealer to dealer.
Shawn Ryder
Quick question - how are the leads generated? Are they web leads?
Nicole Slager
Thank you SO much for the responses so far! Here's whats going on at my dealership. I started here about 3.5 months ago and before I was here the salesmen were answering all the phone calls and the internet leads were assigned to a rotation of salesmen. Their job then was to respond by email and phone. They were supposed to follow up but didn't, then they hired me after awhile. I also pitched a few lead sources (, autobytel etc) to generate more leads. Ever since we signed up with those companies we started to get a ton of leads and now are one of the slowest lead response dealerships in the district. My previous job we had an overnight BDC that sent an email to stop the clock immediately and when i reccomended that they said no right away because the clock doesnt run during afterhours its only during the day.
Matt Lowery
Check out Ava. It will handle this problem for you.
Shawn Ryder
Nicole - I work with SimplyCast and we automate processes for dealers to ensure consistent communication to the customer base, using email, text, voice mail, social and others. Would love to discuss how we can ensure that everybody is followed up with in a timely fashion.

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