Independent store looking for a DMS

We are an established store doing mostly cash deals and some BHPH. Currently we are doing a hodge podge of things that clearly don't work. I want to integrate everything but the names of Dealer Link and DealerCenter keep coming up and that seem to get it. 

Whats everyone else using? 


We us Finance express, recently bought by Dealer Socket

loVe, thus Recommended

I have a demo on Friday. Thanks for the suggestion. 


DealerCenter?? Thoughts? Just talked with Dealer Socket and the pricing was triple the cost at over $1300/month



think they owned by westlake / Nowcom , was always a cheap entry into DMS but felt like it to me. That being said have not Looked at since maybe 07/08

Thanks. Theye are owned by Westlake.  They did an online demo. I was impressed. But I'd like to know what the real world experiences are with them. 


Still looking for more opinions with a different co. 

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