Individual Salesperson CRM

Shawn Ryder
I was just having a chat with somebody and it was brought up that this individual had a CRM for themselves in addition to the dealership CRM. How many sales people maintain a separate from the dealership, overall what are opinions of doing so?
Ron Henson
Hey Shawn, This is a very interesting topic. I'm not sure why one would need to have a separate, personal CRM.....unless they feel that the dealership's CRM is inadequate. Another possible reason (This is the paranoid former dealer in me speaking) might be that they wanted to be able to own their database if and when they decided to leave. The 2nd option is alarming for a dealer.
Shawn Ryder
Hey Ron - i thought it was interesting too... thought would ask the community! Some may feel that the CRM doesn't do enough for them so looking for other reasonable alternatives out of their pocket - but like you say others may think the customers are theirs and in turn go with them. speaking from a personal experience... purchased a car at one dealer and the sales person moved to another... 10 years (or more) later still get emails / cards from that sales person - know a holiday one will be coming in the near future.
Jillian Marchewka
I actually use Insightly CRM as a personal CRM in addition to our dealership's CRM... This is because the CRM we use as a dealership is clunky, obnoxious, and the mobile app is terrible and doesn't have any integrations with other programs/apps. Insightly has integrations with pretty much all Google Apps (which I use on a daily basis,) and allows me to be WAY more on top of things than our dealership CRM. I am able to set a lot more customizable reminders for customer followup, and allows me to only deal with MY leads/customers. Plus while building my own personal salesperson brand/image it is easier for my to extract my own customers for email/mail campaigns that I personally do. NOTE: I still use the dealership CRM and enter all ups/leads/customers, but I don't use it to necessarily keep me organized.
Megan Barto
I would be against a salesperson having their own CRM - as much as we think they're the salesperson's customers, they're actually the *dealership's* customers. Also - what kind of security does this separate CRM have? We all know how serious Personal Identity Protection is taken.....
Keith Wilkerson
My first thought was what Megan is saying. The customer ultimately belongs to the dealership. I believe that to be true. But the more I think about it, I don't have a problem with a salesperson having his/her own CRM as long as the same information is in the dealership CRM. I like the idea of my salesperson taking the initiative of wanting to do more than what my system allowed. I like the idea that my salesperson wants to take ownership their customers, too. I like the idea that my saleperson is thinking outside the box and trying to be better than average or below. And if I'm a dealer that has no CRM or one that's unuasble, I'd be thrilled to have a salesperson like Jillian taking that initiative and would do what I could to enable that kind of work ethic.

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