Interesting debate today at the office

Denim Simkins
What department within the dealer has the highest negative stigmatism? For instance take all customers that does not have a relationship with ABC Motors in sales or service. Do more customers hate the car buying process or do more customers hate the service repair process? This was an interesting debate and ultimately more people feel that the sales side has made more improvements to become more customer centric than service has to this point. I would love to hear everyones thoughts
Rob Chandler
Sales. Price negotiations, time spent for the process, and the poor reputation of the stereotypical car salesman that's still being rebuilt. Service may have some negatives with it's reputation, like price, however I think buying a car is more stressful vs. having repairs done for many customers.
Micah Lakics
Sales has the worse stigma. This is a major purchase, and due to historical stereotypes, people expect a worse experience. This is contrasted with the ability for sales to modify their image by adapting customer-centric policies and procedures. Compare this to Service which has fixed pricing and up-front disclosures. Just because a customer doesn't like the price, doesn't mean it isn't fair or average. Overall Service has less self-improvement options (at a normal dealership) vs Sales which has the ability to re-invent itself to suit the needs/nature of their business. Just my 2 cents.
Mark Miller
I would say that the anxiety people feel when buying a car causes the negative stigmatism there. Traditionally you'd spend time picking the right car, then the negotiations start, waiting for finance (felt like hours sometimes), then the 45 minutes in F&I. I remember one purchase took my mom 4 hours. Now, service has been in hole for years due to shady shops with horrible practices. However, at a dealership, I think customers feel more at ease knowing what they'll pay before anything is done, no haggling and no long hours spent on the process.
Zach Janes
I think they could both be equal in terms of which one customers dislike more. The sales process has gotten better in some areas as dealers are finally understanding how to better meet the needs of each customer, as well as making use of how technology can help streamline the purchase process and make it less tiresome. Service I think has just as many reasons for a negative stigmatism because of how many more times the service department is in contact with a customer over the life of their vehicle. Even something as simple as an oil change can leave a sour taste about a dealership if a customer feels like it took too long, cost too much, or they were somehow taken advantage of or not communicated with properly. How many people defect from a dealership for both sales and service because they had one bad service experience and therefore feel (fair or unfair) that all operations at the dealership are probably subpar?
Michael Bilson
BOTH EQUALLY...Both Sales and Service take time and cost money and both are always variable to the consumer so it creates anxiety and apprehension. Not sure HOW much time or HOW much money this is all going to take. Eliminate that as much as possible...create more transparency and turn that negative into a positive.

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