Interesting metrics - what % of leads are...

John Brown
Two simple questions, but will be interesting to see: What % of your phone leads are sourced from automotive classifieds (autotrader, craigslist,, etc.)? What % of your email leads are sourced from automotive classifieds (autotrader, craigslist,, etc.)?
Byron Womack
John, I know you asked this question 4 weeks ago, but I will share with you my analytics. We know first of all that NADA/Polk/Autotrader says that 7 out of 10 internet clients will not contact the dealership at all before simply showing up. Autotrader says they are not in the E-Lead or Phone Lead business any longer, they are influencing customers to your websites and showrooms. That should influence you enough. Over the past 5 years, we know that E-Leads have peaked at 22% and are on the steady decline.(People are tired of filling out those information boxes only to be bombarded with sales calls or no response at all) In our dealerships we are finding that to be a fair description on our Internet Customers. So of the 3 out of 10 that do contact our internet department, 2 out of 3 will call. the 1 out of 10 will email us and everyone else. So what about the 70% that do not contact us? I suggest you look into Re-Marketing or Behavior Marketing. This allows you to drop a "cookie" to that client. Now wherever they go, a ad shows up from you and your dealership. There are some great Marketing Companies that do that. The two best are Paul Portratz and Reach Local,,,in my eyes. This will give you a bigger return on those "Ghost" 70% by getting them to engage with you via special offers and such. As we were told in the last 3 Digital Dealer Conferences, E-Leads will be the next 8-Track player or VHS Player if we don't get the customer to engage with us. These are my opinions and I am not affiliated with any of the vendors mentioned. Also, on the leads you are geting, I would text that customer to make sure they got your response. You might want to check your state laws to assure you are abiding by them. We simply get a lead, answer it, send it and then text that client within 30 minutes to assure they recieved our email. We all answer and see a text...LOL It sounds like your management is looking at your ROI? If Joe Salesman is not qualifying your dealerships walk in traffic,,,correctly, your ROI will never be accurate. I hope this helps.

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