Internet Director/BDC Director pay plan overseeing 2 stores.. Help!

Dennis Wagner
I am tasked with coming up with a fair pay plan for a hybrid manager like I have never seen. I have some ideas, but I want to make sure I am not way off.We have a gentleman that has over 20 years experience, and a solid track record of success at every level. The position he is applying for is Internet or maybe ECommerce Director / BDC Director and he will be overseeing social media as well. I will list previous experience below. General Manager, Director of sales Operations, General Sales Manager, Used Car Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Finance Manager and Closer.What do you guys think is a fair Salary/Draw and bonus structure? Thank you in advance!
Lauren Moses
Dennis, how is he being paid now? Commission, hourly, salary? Any bonuses?
Shannon Hammons
What brands? What all will the position have? Will he have budget control over everything on the digital side? How many BDC agents? What part of country? These are all important factors.
Tony Wood
Yeah, that's tough to call. I'm an "eCommerce Director" but I do substantially more than a typical eCommerce Director would. A solid breakdown of expectation and responsibilities would go a long way in providing a more accurate response.
Dennis Wagner
@Lauren.. He has no pay plan in place as of yet. Fresh Hire @Shannon.. Chrysler and Ford. 8 Agents to start. He will be doing everything a standard GSM does plus directly oversee the BDC, Internet Sales and Social Media. He will have budget control, but with supervision from ownership. It's in a good market in Kentucky. @Tony.. He will be responsible for taking 2 dealerships from 150 units each to 250 units each within a year. It's not an easy task.
Tony Wood
Wow, his responsibilities are almost as heavy as mine on the workload side. You're essentially wanting him to make a 175% increase in both of your stores sales volume. That's beyond not an easy task, that's a near impossible goal, especially in one year. IMO, he's in a position to fail at this point. If he does pull it off, he can pretty much name his price and go to any dealership in the US for a position after that year.

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