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Ron Henson
I'm curious about two specific lead metrics: #1: At your dealership, what is the average number of contact attempts before engagement? #2: What is the length of time your lead handling process is mapped for? 60, 90, 120, longer?
Lauren Moses
Great topic Ron. For me it's contact until they contact back. Even if its just for them to say that they have purchased elsewhere. We want to know that yes they did or no they are still in the market. I go back as long as I have to. I have revived leads from back in January that just hadn't found what they wanted just yet and got them back in the dealership. I work them as long as it takes. I send the initial email, make a call (if I have a number), send another email the following day, then at the end of the week, all the while calling in between. From there I space it out more and try to keep it random but no more than 2 weeks then atleast 2 attempted contacts twice a month until they purchase with us or someone else.
Grant Gooley
Google came out with a most recent stat that customers are on average searching for cars over 90 days. We have adapted our strategy to a 90 day. Depending on the source of engagement will depend on the response. When we use video to respond we get responses on the first hit a majority of the time. If it's a standard email, you never know. Rarely is it on the first email...
mark rask
120 days
Mike Sheppard
2 to 3 attempts - could be phone, email, or text. I also contact clients as a manager. Process goes 180 Days.

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